Battlefield 4: Second Assault

Battlefield 4: Second Assault trailer released, meanwhile EA say annualising the franchise could destroy it

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Turns out the Second Assault this new Battlefield 4 DLC is referring to is one of trailers, videos and reveals. DICE have been particularly coy about releasing much info - even a proper release date - for the map-pack, instead teasing out details over the last few weeks and months. Here's the latest trailer, which tours through each of the four "fan-favourite" maps, and gives a look at the Capture The Flag mode. Its destructive bombast can accompany you through the news that EA have no plans to increase the series' release frequency, for fear that they would "destroy the franchise".

Battlefield 4: Second Assault video runs through new maps, weapons and features

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The most notable thing about this video for Battlefield 4's Second Assault DLC is just how good DICE are at saying "Levolution" without openly weeping. That must have taken some serious media training. Either side of that moment, you get to hear BF4 executive producer Patrick Bach explaining what the expansion will add, including its four "fan-favourite" maps, new vehicles and weapons, and a new Capture the Flag mode.

Battlefield 4: Second Assault DLC maps officially named

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If the majority of DICE's Battlefield 4 team are hurriedly trying to stamp out all of its many launch bugs, surely another squad has been holed deep in an underground bunker, thinking of ways to 'Levolve' the four returning maps of the Second Assault DLC pack. Those maps have now been officially revealed as Operation Metro, Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border and Gulf of Oman. Does this mean Metro will get a crashing train of thematically appropriate death? According to a previous teaser, no. Running over everyone in the map is probably a balance issue or something.

Battlefield 4's Premium trailer contains hints for the redesigned maps inside Second Assault DLC

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In the cacophonous mayhem of an EA conference, attendees are too busy fighting off a barrage of decibels to catch the finer details of the games they're being shown. Not so for us scattered around the internet, who enjoy the safety and luxury of volume sliders and pause buttons. And so it was that a super-sleuth on NeoGAF searched through Battlefield 4's various trailers, and found hints in one about the contents of the Second Assault DLC - the game's Battlefield 3 map remake pack.

Battlefield 4's Second Assault DLC could feature remakes of Operation Metro and Caspian Border

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Looking up Battlefield 4 information is becoming an increasingly dangerous task. It starts fine: a "blur the line between game and glory" here, a "dynamic destructable environments" there. But then it hits you: "Levolution". Dammit. Now I'm sad.

Here's something to lighten the mood: DICE have been answering questions about their planned Second Assault DLC, a map pack that will contain four "fan favourite" maps from Battlefield 3. As well as confirming the pack will only be a timed Xbox One exclusive, they've hinted at what two of those remade maps could be.