Make horror games scarier with these three great headsets

Dave James at

I’ve been playing around with the Early Access disturb-o-fest that is Darkwood. Last night I had to stop as every hair on my body stood to attention.

That’s the power of a great audio soundscape, and of linking that up with a quality gaming headset. A decent set of speakers is fine for music and the bluster of a gunfire-racked war zone, but if you want to hear every little touch of a game’s audio track then the aural isolation of good headphones is impossible to beat.

The Large Pixel Collider: now with audio

Wes Fenlon at

Funny story: the Large Pixel Collider demanded such overwhelming graphical power in its towering shell (four Nvidia GTX Titans) and so much piping to keep the liquid coolness flowing, we ran out of space for a sound card. While our eyes were being treated to 11 million pixels spread across three monitors, our ears were feeling left out.