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Hawken in-game video shows new desert map, colossal battleship

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The new Hawken footage above was received its first showing at the PC Gamer press conference at PAX last weekend, but here it is in full. On the Hawken blog, the devs say this is the last we'll see of Hawken for a while, so take a good long look at the footage above, particularly the bit when a huge ship flies overhead and appears to target a fleeing mech. You can also check out yesterday's Hawken trailer, which outlines the story of the world the mechs are fighting over. There's still no release date window.

Hawken trailer shows gorgeous cityscapes and frantic bot battles

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A strange mix of awe and astonishment is the standard accompaniment to new Hawken footage, and the latest trailer from PAX offers nothing less. The world Adhesive Games have created in less than a year with the Unreal Engine is remarkable, but how will it play? The rattling mechs are quicker than you'd think to look at them, and the close combat tussles with other bots are made more chaotic with the addition of heavy ordinance. Hawken doesn't have a release date just yet, sadly, but you can sate your mech lust with more information over on the Hawken site.

Hawken footage shows light mechs and siege mode

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Indie mech shooter Hawken was stomping around E3 last week. G4 got a good long look at a siege mission, in which two teams must fight over the resources to build a battleship that can take out an enemy artefact. The game's been in development for less than a year, but it already looks spectacular. There's no word of a release date yet. Adhesive say Hawken will be out when it's ready, and it's not ready yet. For more on Hawken, check out these recent dev diaries, or head over to the official Hawken site.

Hawken developer diaries talk mech violence and multiplayer modes

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Game Trailers have new developer diaries have landed for the indie mech combat sim, Hawken. A dev team of nine people have taken just eleven months to make an incredibly promising mech game set in a gorgeous far-future mega city. The videos below detail some of the multiplayer modes the team are working on, and go into more detail about the weapons systems we'll be using to take enemy mechs apart. You'll find both diaries embedded below.

Mech lust continues: the first Hawken gameplay footage

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We've been starving for more screenshots, info, footage, ANYTHING at all on Hawken, the insanely-beautiful mech-shooter that was made in just nine months by a small indie developer. Now we can finally satisfy our cravings with this incredible new gameplay trailer. And it's even better than our wildest Hawken dreams. Read on to see it in action.

Hawken interview: the indie team behind the best mech game we've seen

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We've had a day for our jaws to return to their normal configuration after yesterday's trailer for mech FPS Hawken knocked us out of our nerd chairs. After we picked up all the Cheetos, we got in touch with the nine-person team at Adhesive Games to ask a few questions about what mech games inspired Hawken and how such a modest crew produced something so lustworthy.

Hawken: the indie shooter set in an astonishing sci-fi megacity

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Whaaaat. The team behind Hawken, this ridiculously good-looking futuristic shooter, are a tiny indie studio who made what you see here in just nine months. TIGSource say Adhesive Games are only nine people, including an artist from the similarly gorgeous aborted fantasy game Project Offset. What they've accomplished is ridiculous.

The game's going to be a first-person multiplayer shooter - most of what you see here is taken from a third person spectator mode, but we do get a glimpse of it being played in-game at the end. The movement of the mechs looks a little rough in places, but we don't know how far out this is yet. All we know is that its environments are already more artistically and graphically exciting than most mainstream games. Come on, guys, give the multi-million dollar triple A studios a chance.

Stupidly pretty shots follow.