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Unity of Command add-on Black Turn: Operation Barbarossa released

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2x2 Games has released Black Turn: Operation Barbarossa, the newest DLC for its historical strategy game, Unity of Command. The expansion focuses on the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, the titular Operation Barbarossa. It pits the well-equipped German army against the Soviets' great numbers and the brutal Russian winter.

Unity of Command's new DLC takes a Black Turn with 1941 German invasion

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After seeing red it only makes sense to fade to black. Unity of Command is getting a new DLC campaign, Black Turn—Operation Barbarossa 1941, which focuses on German operations on the Eastern front after last year's Soviet-centered Red Turn. Although historical details behind the massive—and notorious—military action are well-known, it looks like the Black Turn's end game allows for a "what if" result.

Unity of Command dreams of a red Christmas with its Soviet-focused Red Turn DLC

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We described Unity of Command as "Wargame of the Year material" back in March, and as the year draws to a close that's looking more and more likely. The cute unit graphics might lead you to believe this is more of a casual strategy game, but underneath the charming exterior lies the barely beating heart of a wargame. And it's one that's just received a major expansion. The Red Turn DLC offers, among other things, a huge new campaign focusing on the Soviets - full details lie suppressed beneath the break.

Unity of Command now available on Steam, DLC announced

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Good news, hex-based strategy wargamers: Unity of Command, a game we like a lot, is live on Steam starting today. Not only that, developer 2x2 Games has also announced that the game's first DLC, Red Turn, will be released sometime before the end of the year. More details await you inside.

Unity of Command review

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This game doesn’t come with conventional AI. Buy it, and the Croatian devs mail you two giant, powder-filled jiffy-bags, one labelled ‘Ferdinand Fuchs’, the other ‘Boris Bastardov’. Open these, add five gallons of vodka to the Boris bag and five gallons of schnapps to the Ferdinand, then stand back as two super-sly Ost Front generals materialise in front of you.