Unity of Command add-on Black Turn: Operation Barbarossa released

2x2 Games has released Black Turn: Operation Barbarossa, the newest DLC for its historical strategy game, Unity of Command . The expansion focuses on the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, the titular Operation Barbarossa. It pits the well-equipped German army against the Soviets' great numbers and the brutal Russian winter.

Black Turn: Operation Barbarossa allows the player to take the Wermacht and its allies from the initial invasion all the way to Moscow with 13 different scenarios, and new, early-war units from Romania, Hungary, Italy, Finland, and Slovakia. While it focuses on the Germans, Black Turn also includes separate Soviet scenarios about two winter offensives. Additionally, while 2x2 prides itself on historical accuracy, it says that the campaign extends into some alternate history and "what-if" territory. You can find a more detailed breakdown of what's included on 2x2's official site .

The events it depicts precede Unity of Command's previous expansion, Red Turn , and with that 2x2 completes all the battles it wants to recreate on the Eastern Front, or at least it says so for now.

Black Turn: Operation Barbarossa is out now on Steam for a ten percent discount, bringing it to $9. You can find our full review of the original Unity of Command here .