Quake Champions' Anarki is a transhuman punk with a hoverboard

He will punk you... with death.

Bethesda and id Software continues the slow trickle of Quake Champions gameplay footage, with the latest showcasing the hoverboard riding "transhuman punk" Anarki. As his status as a "transhuman punk" implies, this guy is not stuffing around: he has a hoverboard, which means he can move around quickly and fluidly mid-air, all the better to frag fools with.

His active ability is a health injection, which means he's able to heal himself on the fly. That doesn't seem very punk to me, but that's why it's punk: because it doesn't seem punk.

While the game has no firm release date at present, it went into closed beta this month. For more footage, there's a tonne to sift through over here.

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