Project Eternity gets a new name and trailer, is now Pillars of Eternity

Phil Savage

It took me an embarrassingly long time to notice the titular connection between Project Eternity , and the old Infinity Engine that was the inspiration for Obsidian's nostalgic RPG. Embarrassing, at least, if it weren't for the fact that by pointing this out, I'll cause someone new to go "oh yeah," and feel a little bit dim. Once that feeling has passed, dismiss that old name. This Baldur's Gate/Infinity Engine spiritual successor is now called Pillars of Eternity. To cement this title in your memory, there's even a new trailer.

Ooh, is that a twinge of nostalgia I feel? It's definitely an evocative set of images, from the dungeons to the dragons to the not-magic-missiles.

I recently talked to project lead Josh Sawyer about the game. Look out for that interview soon.

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