Palmer Luckey flies to Alaska to hand-deliver the first Oculus Rift

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey traveled to Anchorage, Alaska this weekend to personally deliver the very first consumer Oculus Rift to its very first pre-orderer, Ross Martin. Wearing his signature shorts and sandals (perfect for March in Alaska), Luckey handed over the signed headset while livestreaming the occasion on Facebook (where else?).

Martin is a software developer for Axiom Data Science and has been following the Rift's development since the first dev kit. Palmer, who admitted his knowledge of Alaska is primarily based on the Disney film Snow Dogs, seemed delighted to discover that Martin's father was a dog musher, and his childhood included 23 sled dogs in the yard.

Oculus Rift headsets start shipping to the rest of the pre-orderers on Monday. Luckey not included.


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