Nvidia announce wireless graphics card

Tom Senior

Wireless GFX card

Nvidia have announced the launch of the KFA2 GeForce GTX460, the world's first wireless graphics card. Read on for details.

The card sports five wireless antennae that can send uncompressed 1080p video at 60Hz wirelessly over a distance of 100 feet. All you have to do is attach the receiver box to the back of your monitor and you can be watching images in an entirely different room to your PC. Aside from the wireless capability, the card is a powerful, DirectX 11 capable 1GB GTX460.

The price of the card hasn't been announced yet but it's due to be released in the UK soon. You'll find more details on the card on the KFA2 site . One thing's for certain, it's a pretty odd use of wireless technology. Can anybody think of a use for this thing?

[via TheInquirer ]

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