Man creates real life Twitch Plays by letting the internet drive robots around his house

You can even make the robots talk by typing words—hopefully nice ones—into a chat pane.

"I have turned my home into a game by allowing all internet users to drive around with RasPi based robots. You can drive now. Been working on this a while." So reads a reddit post by Rick Giuly, and he's not kidding. Visit and you can control one of several camera-equipped Raspberry Pi-enabled bots in Giuly's home by clicking on simple controls in your browser. You can even make the robots talk by typing into a chat window.

The issue? Well, there's dozens of other people trying to control the same bots at the same time, which makes the endeavor reminiscent of a 'Twitch Plays' gaming experiment. Mainly, the robots just lurch forward and back or jerk side to side due to all the concurrent commands being entered.

Still, it's a pretty cool experiment, not to mention a extremely brave one, allowing the internet at large to look into your home, scoot around it, and say inappropriate comments in a tinny robot voice. I made one robot say "Come with me if you want to live," and tried to nudge what looked like a bowling ball in a poor approximation of Rocket League. I just hope Giuly has a pet gate set up so none of the bots can roll into his bathroom.


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