Hyper Light Drifter local co-op beta is now available

Recruit a friend to beat notoriously tough action RPG.

Hyper Light Drifter is a beautiful RPG, but it's also brutally difficult. Many won't have the patience to see it through unless someone else is along for the ride, so it's nice that a two-player local coop mode will be rolled out in a future update. Even nicer is that if you want to play it right now you can, thanks to a beta that's just launched.

The mode was meant to be a feature at launch, but as a representative from Heart Machine explains in the Steam update, that was ruled out due to time constraints. If you want to check the mode out before it launches (and more importantly, provide feedback), the beta is available until May 2. For instructions on how to access the beta, there's a step-by-step over on the announcement page

Andy Kelly enjoyed Hyper Light Drifter when he reviewed it earlier this month. "Stylish, beautiful, and uncompromising, Hyper Light Drifter is as rewarding as it is frustrating," he wrote


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