How to get rid of Dawn of War 2: Retribution's intro movies

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I'm all for giving credit where credit's due, but do I really need to see a full 67 seconds worth of intro movies every time I launch Dawn of War 2: Retribution? Yeah, I could spam the escape key to skip the THQ logo, the Games Workshop logo, the AMD ad, and the Relic logo/story intro. But I'm an impatient sort, and I plan to launch this game a lot, so I've taken matters into my own hands. Here's how I killed my intro movies.

Step 1: Navigate to your Steam folder, then to Steamapps\common\dawn of war ii - retribution\GameAssets\data\movies.

Step 2: Move, rename, or just flat-out delete the files amd_intro.avi, gw_logo_720p_dvix1.avi, and thq_logo_new_720p_divx.avi.

Step 3: Go one directory deeper into the xp2 folder. Locate xp2_intro.avi and condemn it to the same fate as the previous files.

That's it! The next time you launch your game from Steam you'll go straight to the loading screen.

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