Watch Dogs

Genre(s): Action Adventure
UK Publisher: Ubisoft UK
US Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Age Rating: ESRB |

Watch Dogs made waves as one of the first games to revel in the possibilities of 'next-generation' technology - which, to anyone with a PC, meant finally making use of the hardware already crowding up our towercase's innards. Ubisoft have wielded that graphical grunt to create a sprawling near-future Chicago - one which envisions the interconnectedness of all electronic systems, from ATMs to traffic lights, and then lets the player hack into and exploit them.

Ubisoft's games seem to be coalescing into one gargantuan feature-set, so expect to see parkour chase-sequences and augmented reality, but there's novelty too: the theme of interconnectedness extends to the structure of the game as well, which incorporates an as yet ambiguously defined multiplayer element. Other hack-happy players are seemingly able to invade your game, Dark Souls-style, and play havoc with the same systems at your disposal.

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Creative hacking and covert multiplayer modes bring exciting new life to otherwise familiar open-world man-shooting.

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