Armello to officially release this September

After a productive six month stint in Early Access, digital board game Armello will officially release on September 1 for $19.99. If you'd prefer not to wait you can still buy it in Early Access right now, but come August 1 it'll be unavailable until the September.

To coincide with the final release, Armello will add two new characters and a bunch of new supported languages. Additionally, studio League of Geeks intends to support the game post-launch, with ranked multiplayer set to roll out with version 1.1. That update is expected a month after the game's full release and will be free, though paid DLC is expected down the track. Those who purchased the Early Access edition will be entitled to a bunch of rewards, which are detailed on the game's Steam page.

What is Armello, though? This interview from March provides a decent overview, but in a nutshell it's a beautifully animated digital board game with sharp competitive elements and a focus on storytelling.


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