Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer shows Smartgun carnage, macho marines, polite conversation

This latest look at Aliens: Colonial Marines answers an important question. What are the marines seeing when they look through the Smartgun's heads up display? Were they playing a bit of Tetris to take their minds off the hordes of charging aliens? Sadly not. They were actually watching a readout dishing out XP for every alien kill. Double kill! Triple kill! Godlike!

That explains their gung-ho attitude. Maybe it was all a game to them, right up to the moment where a Xenomorph got too close and they met a horrifying end. Hear Gearbox devs chatting about the Smartgun and more in the latest developer diary, which contains a few tantalising, wafer-thin slices of in-game footage amid all the well-mannered talking heads.

[VAMS id="0p0u6nXThLLMR"]


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