QUBE's first DLC introduces more colors than ever before

Katie Williams at

I was kinda hoping QUBE's new DLC would introduce a threat to its environments' sterility. Some rusting equipment here, a biohazardous blood spatter over there—you know, something that'd make the puzzler stand out, on first glance, as more than just a Portal wannabe. But hey, even if Against the Qlock isn't teeming with threats to one's health, it sure is stuffed with all of the colors.

Because all of that sensuous hand-moving and dizzying environment fluctuation wasn't trippy enough, right? No time to gawp at the lightshow, though—you're pitted against a time limit in these ten new levels. Achievements, leaderboards, and level-by-level medal ratings also make their debut here, turning the puzzler into a potential bloodbath of one-upping. Well, we can hope.

No word on a price point yet, but Against the Qlock's out on May 6 through Steam—and remember, the base game currently forms one-seventh of an Unreal bundle going for $20.