Minecraft creator Notch unveils 'Drop', a psychedelic type 'em up

Shaun Prescott at

Despite pulling out of the 2013 Ludum Dare competition, Notch delivered a new game at the weekend in the form of 'Drop' - a free-to-play browser game inspired by Super Hexagon, Fez and part of the ceiling in his apartment. Resembling an old school touch typing tutor, the game tasks you with typing cryptic combinations of words as they spiral onto the screen. Hypnotic electronic music accompanies. It's quite nice - the immense concentration required, coupled with the evocative word choices, makes for a dreamy Monday morning challenge.

The Unity-built game is very addictive, too. It was originally conceived as a simple graphic - hexagons containing hexagons tunneling interminably - but a day later Notch had turned it into a fully-functioning game. Our best score was 128, which is pretty shocking but hey, Monday morning.

Play Drop right now.

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