1000 Beta keys for Heroes & Generals - sign up here, son

Andy Hartup at

Tanks for the memories

Nazis just aren’t cool anymore. Back in 2006, you were never more than three feet from a World War 2 game at any given time. Now it’s all UMPs, UAVs, and shadowy extremist-terrorist-radicalist-mega-corporations. Modern warfare has become so ubiquitous that it’s refreshing to see free-to-play hybrid shooter Heroes & Generals reclaiming and reinventing the old Axis vs Allies grudge.

You can rekindle your passion for shooting men in shiny jackboots by grabbing one of 1000 Heroes & Generals Beta keys. Just enter your details here.

Why would you want to? As the name suggests, Heroes & Generals lets you play as either a hero (on the ground, shooting men in the teeth) or a General (manoeuvring troops and resources around a battlefield while sipping a fine Port). It’s a hybrid FPS and RTS – you can play both parts, or just focus on the bit that interests you most.

Want to see a video of the game in action mixed with some slightly awkward LARP-style tomfoolery? We’ve got you covered!


There’s an iPad companion app in the works too, so you’ll be able to sacrifice (virtual) human lives while your other half watches Miranda.

So what are you waiting for? Get Goering! The competition closes on Thursday 24 January, and we’ll email the codes out to winners before the weekend.