Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings Chronicle, part 1: 1066 - 1076 A.D.

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Scheming Sigrid

May 16, 1072: On order's from Brian's wife, Princess Sigrid of Denmark, Duke Murchad's nephew and spymaster, Murchaid, is murdered.

Well, that was certainly unexpected. Apparently my dear daughter in law has a penchant for plots and murder. The worst part is, I can't afford to jail or reprimand her. Not without risking the freaking King of Denmark bringing the hammer down on my skull. I decide to keep quiet the fact that I know it was her, and appoint Mayor Máel-Mádóc of Limerick as my new Spymaster. Both of my half-brother Conchobar's sons are now dead, though he is survived by two grandsons: Flaithbertach and Donal.

November 28, 1072: A second daughter is born to Duke Murchad's half-nephew, Concobar macLorcán, named Mairead.

1073: Another mercifully uneventful year passes for House ua Brian.

March 17, 1074: Duke Murchad takes very ill at age 47.

Well, there are two ways this could play out. I might die, or I might not. But I guess you could technically say that about any given day.

May 12, 1074: Young Flaithbertach grows old enough to be educated. He is sent to his dour but dutiful grandfather, Toirrdelbach, to learn politics.

While Toirrdelbach has still not fabricated a claim for me on Connacht (which is why there has been so much peace and so little stabbing in the last several years), he is still the most savvy at statecraft of my entire court. He is also older than dirt, and I will need to replace him someday soon. By having him foster Flaithbertach, the boy will likely grow to have similar skills and personality traits. Plus, for a man who has seen two wives and two sons die, spending time with his grandson might make his last years a little more bearable.

June, 1074: Duke Murchad overcomes his illness.

And what do we say to Death? "Not today."

January 3, 1075: Princess Sigrid's plotting continues. Mayor Máel-Mádóc of Limerick becomes the second Munsterian Spymaster to die by her machinations. Duke Murchad begins to regret marrying her to his son.

That scheming Danish harlot! She seems to be going after my Spymasters specifically. Almost as if she, I don't know, doesn't want anyone keeping tabs on her plots. Alas, I still dare not anger her father by imprisoning the girl. Máel-Mádóc had no heirs, and a lowborn man named Gilla-Patraic is elected to his former office. The 36-year-old has a talent for intrigue, but is equal parts cruel, lustful, gluttonous, and ugly. I give him his predecessors seat on my council as Master of Spies, hoping that he might not be caught on the wrong foot by Sigrid like the men who came before him.