Cooler Master joins mechanical keyboard club

Adam Oxford at


Once upon a time a mechanical keyboards seemed to be typing their way into extinction. Their loud and bouncy buttons appeared very old fashioned and expensive against a legion of slender Apple clones. Now, no serious peripherals company can be taken seriously without a mechanised letter rack to its name, and barely a week goes by without another one joining the fray.

The latest firm to do so is Cooler Master. Better known for its cases and power supplies, it's been slowly building up its Storm gaming brand over the last couple of years, and just like Corsair before it has announced a Cherry MX Black-toting keyboard as its premiere gear du guerre.

The CM Storm Trigger looks most similar to Razer's Black Widow range, right down to the doubling up of F- and media keys, and five extra macro buttons on the left hand side. It does seem to borrow from some of the best examples around, though, combining that with a giant palm rest like Steelseries' 7G.

According to the PR bumf, it also features six key rollover (6KRO) anti-ghosting abilities and 18K gold plated USB connectors. The latter, of course, are entirely pointless unless you're planning on melting several dozen down for scrap at some point in the future, since USB latency has nothing to do with the conductive properties of the plug. Why do peripheral companies coat USB connectors in gold? So they have something to write about on the box.

Rant aside, the CM Storm Trigger does have more welcome enhancements like keycap backlighting and a two port USB hub. Plus, at just under £110 it's not unreasonably priced. It does have stiff competition, though. My current three favourites are the Steelseries 6G|V2, Qpad MK-85 and Corsair K60. I should be getting a sample in some time next week to put it to the test.