The 25 best Skyrim Mods

Tom Hatfield at

10. Deadly Dragons

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Dragons? Wimps I tell you! I eat ‘em for breakfast! So goes the cry of the high level Dragonborn. Spectacular though Skyrim’s flying lizards are, they can sometimes be a bit of a pushover in the late game. Thankfully, there’s a mod for that. Deadly Dragons tweaks Skyrim’s biggest monsters to be even more terrifying, including adding all new Dragon types like Storm and Magma to threaten even the hardiest of adventures.

11. Quality World Map with Roads

The classic map gives you a more Oblivion style paper look.

When I were a lad all this were paper...

Ever get lost trying to navigate the world map in Skyrim? Then Quality World Map is the mod for you. It not only upgrades the textures, but hand drawn roads to the map for easy navigation . It also includes the option for a 'classic style' map for those who prefer Oblivion's hand drawn look to Skyrim's flashy 3D. This last feature is a work in progress, but it looks so lovely it's worth trying anyway.

12. Weapons of the Third Era

Bring some classic Morrowind weapons into Skyrim.

You know, I got stabbed by something a lot like that in 2002.

Pre-Skyrim most Elder Scrolls fans would tell you Morrowind was the highlight of the series and, despite the excellence of Bethesda’s latest entry, Vvardenfell still has a special place in gamers’ hearts. Weapons of the Third Era aims to bring a little bit of the Dunmer Isle to Skyrim, adding over 50 new weapons with a Morrowind theme. Let’s hope this is the first of many mods to recapture the exotic flavour of Vvardenfell.

13. Jaysus Swords

Jaysus swords brings all kind of new weapons to Skyrim.

Nice swords love, but you might want to consider some armour to go with them.

For a more general weapons package, look no further than Jaysus Swords. Master smith Jaysus has forged 38 lovingly designed weapons for you to craft and wield. The pack offers everything from katanas to cavalry sabres, letting you pick a weapon that fits the look of your Dragonborn.

14. Bellyache’s Animal Pack

New skins for Skyrim's animals

Finally I can make my wolves look properly gray... look it's important to me, okay?

Skyrim is full of adorable, cuddly animals, most of which will attempt to eat your face at some point. Bellyache’s excellent Animal Pack contains a variety of different skins to improve and customise your furry friends. Whether you’re just improving the default textures, or turning grizzlies into polar bears, this is the mod for you.