Skyrim Mods: the 20 best so far

Tom Hatfield at

12. ENBSeries patch

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The ENBSeries mods are famous for adding improved post processing and lighting effects to make games like GTA4 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution look amazing. Sadly this patch doesn't do that, instead it's focused on fixing graphical errors and letting the game play better on a lower end PC. Don't worry though, ENB creator Boris Vorontsov is already working on a full graphical overhaul, and has included some test footage, which I've included above.

13. Skyrim 4GB

If you've been reading this list and installing all the graphical improvements, there's a possibility you've encountered some stability issues. But fear not! A solution is at hand. Like previous Bethesda games, Skyrim doesn't use more than 2gb of RAM, regardless of how much you actually have. Using a large address aware patch like Skyrim 4GB will fix that, allowing Skyrim to make full use of your system's abilities, reducing crashes and maintaining a stable FPS count.

14. Simple Borderless Window

Simple Bordless Window makes alt tabbing Skyrim much easier.

Simple borderless window does what it says, it makes Skyrim run in a false fullscreen mode, allowing for the easy alt tabbing of windowed mode but while still keeping your screen full of wonderful landscapes.

15. Enhanced Night Sky

A nice little mod I've enjoyed in previous Bethesda games. Enhanced Night Sky replaces the Skyrim's stars with a high resolution texture taken from starfield photography. This version is so seamless it doesn't even effect the in game constellations, and looks simply beautiful.

16. No Spider Mod

Arachnophobes like PC Gamer contributor Richard Cobbett have a hard time with games like Skyrim. Which is why No Spiders patches, which remove the offending beasties from the game, are so useful. This first attempt at a spider free Skyrim is particularly hilarious, as it replaces the models of the spiders with completely out of place bears. We'll let you decide which is scarier.

17. Interface Hard Coded key tweaks

Skyrim's interface can be really awkward, Hard Coded key tweaks aims to improve that. Now you can (for instance) turn lockpicks with whatever direction keys you chose, not just WASD, or being able to close the favourites window by pressing Q and myriad other improvements.

18. TESV savegame manager

An update of the popular Fallout 3 savegame manager, TESV savegame manager mod helps save and organise your games far more efficiently than the game does by default.

19. Vurt's Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Vurt's Flora overhaul makes Skyrim's trees look amazing.

This is going to be one to keep an eye on. Vurt's Skyrim flora overhaul is dedicated to improving the quality of the vegetation in Skyrim, starting with trees. It even offers several different colour schemes to let you tailor your foliage to your own desires.

20. Enhanced Blood Textures

Enhance Skyrim's blood for maximum gore.

Enhanced Blood Textures does exactly what it says, it improves the resolution of the blood textures in the game, but does it so well that it's one of the most noticeably improved texture mods available.

Once again, we're going to keep updating this list with new and interesting mods, so if you know of any good ones we've missed please let us know in the comments.