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Saints Row 3 - bigheads doing crime

What time is it? Saints Row time! Yes, Saints Row: The Third has been released, at least everywhere but here in the UK, and it's as crazed and maniacal as you'd expect, just read our Saints Row 3 review. Less crazy and more cynical is the decision is THQ selling Saints Row cheats as DLC, no thanks people, we'd rather buy content, particularly mad and demented content. How about you integrate a Kiss Racer minigame instead? Actually better not, what Saints Row would do with that technology doesn't bear thinking about.

Check inside for a selection of autotuned, mexican wrestling PC gaming news.

  • Edge get very... Edge about Portal 2.
  • Rock Paper Shotgun have found a way to install steam saves where you want. A godsend to SSD owners.
  • There's been a whole lot of controversy on Reddit regarding Telltale Games and a Jurassic Park Jeep. Kotaku summarises the affair.
  • 1up examines why maverick publisher Gamecock failed.
  • Massively say that Neverwinter was 'almost ready to ship' when it was re-invented as a free to play MMO.
  • Joystiq say there won't be any more Orcs Must Die! DLC, with the developers moving on to create new games instead.

Have you got Saints Row: The Third internet people? What did you think?