Razer announce Talon: a bio-exoskeleton for gamers. Pre-order now and get free Venom

Owen Hill at

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Razer have announced "Talon," a revolutionary peripheral that will let gamers achieve almost unbelievable speeds during play.

Read on for the details, and an endorsement from Slayers_Boxer himself.

Pro gamers' APM (Actions Per Minute) usually peak at 300 but, according to Razer's official website, gamers can hit speeds of up to 3000. That's ten times as quick. This is achieved thanks to the peripheral's ability to overload player's nerve endings due to a "NerveLoad SysOps module." Hot tech indeed.

Pre-order on the website and you'll get sent a free pack of "Venom" which can further enhance your skills. Pro Starcraft player, Slayers_Boxer endorses the Talon, saying: "I believe this is the next step in human evolution. These are my new hands."

What do you think of Razer's new product? Is it a step too far, or could it have to power to revolutionise pro-gaming? Rich has already pre-ordered but his APM currently peaks at six.

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