"Gift Scene Investigation" - PC Gamer's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

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An antler. A Nerf Gun. A tangle of lights. What does it mean?

Nerf Stampede ECS, $50, Hasbro
The Cold War of Foam proliferates each year as manufacturers introduce new products. The Stampede raises your standing in the suction cup arms race, packing an 18-dart-deep clip and a removable blast shield and bipod into durable Chinese plastic.

The Adventurers, $50, Alderac
This office favorite sees five would-be Indiana Joneses scouring a Mayan temple for treasure in a race against crushing walls, lava, and at least one man-flattening boulder.

Korg NanoKEY, $60, ThinkGeek
A wee USB-connected keyboard for sketching out tunes from the comfort of your cubicle.

Gorillamobile for iPhone/Android, $40, Joby
It’s got me! A creepy alien hand has got me! Oh wait, it’s a handy go-anywhere-stand-anywhere case for your mobile device.

Precision Autoloader Screwdriver, $14, ThinkGeek
A single screwdriver with six built-in bits, and an absolute must for anybody who’s ever popped open the case of his or her PC.