25 best Fallout New Vegas mods

Jaz McDougall at

6. Better Ammo Crafting

There are more realistic ammo overhauls out there, but this one is balanced for fun. It takes a few liberties - for example, you can craft dynamite sticks into gunpowder, which isn’t really how dynamite works in real life. It ends up making life a lot easier for the budding ammo-crafter without stuffing every merchant’s pockets with sacks of lead ingots, though.

Get it! Get it get it get iiiiiiit.

7. Improved throwing

Currently, you can throw a spear into the ground and it’ll just embed itself there. You can’t ever get it out, either. Doesn’t matter how strong you are, you’re powerful enough to drive it in, but too weak to pull it out. That’s rubbiiiiiiiiiish. This mod fixes that by removing the embed thing altogether. The downside is that you can’t pin people to walls anymore, but you can keep using the same spear for your entire magical people-skewering journey.

It also adds some handy recipes to the campfire that let you convert your kitchen knives into throwing knives, gather pebbles to bounce futilely off of radscorpion carapaces, and craft your own spears out of pool cues. Thwock! Oh, and it fixes a bug where enemies could target your spears in mid-air, shoot them, and they’d explode like a grenade.

8. Depth of Field

This gorgeous mod comes in two flavours: make everything beautiful, and make everything not-quite-as-beautiful. It blurs up the distance and makes it look like this:

That is a deep field.

I left this mod on while taking the rest of the screenshots, so you can see it in a few others. Warning: if you don’t like this sort of thing, you won’t like this sort of thing.

9. Plausible starting outfit

“Welcome to New Vegas, stranger! This is a totally different place than the Capital Wasteland. We have cowboy robots, dynamite, and gambling. Watch out for tumbleweeds! Have my old shootin’ iron! Oh, and by the way, here’s a Vault uniform you can wear so you look exactly like you did in the last game.”

No thanks. This changes the starting outfit Doc Mitchell gives you so that he hands over a sort of yokel-flavoured dungaree thing, or a beige dress. That’s more like it. Yee-haw!

10. More Grass

Grass is the coolest. You can crouch down in it. You can walk through it. You can lie in it and watch the clouds. Cows can eat it. Horses eat it. You can eat it too. Without a little grass, cats have difficulty digesting food - it’s their main source of folic acid, after all. Grass is great. Fallout: New Vegas might be set in a horrific future where nearly all life has been exterminated or mutated beyond control, but... very little grass? What?!