25 best Fallout New Vegas mods

Christopher Livingston at

6. Populated Casinos

Remember the first time you reached New Vegas? Striding excitedly into a casino, turning in your weapons (except perhaps one), stepping onto the gaming floor, and feasting your eyes on... like, two dead-eyed NPCs standing near some slot machines. One big letdown in FNV was that the casinos felt vacant and dull.

Populated Casinos turns the casinos into a more interesting place to visit. Gaming tables are crowded with gamblers, there are people strolling around and chatting, and there's a bigger staff on hand. Vegas finally has some of the liveliness it was lacking.

7. Centered 3rd Person Camera

I never really minded the over-the-shoulder camera, but after trying out the Centered Camera mod I definitely won't go back. It makes it much easier to check out your character from the front, take good screenshots of yourself without being slid over to one side of the screen, and best of all, it lets you zoom way, way out for a great look at your surroundings.

8. Roleplayer's Alternative Start

While every game of FNV is different, starting a new game can feel a bit, well, samey. If you're tired of having to sit on Doc Mitchell's couch and answer the same old questions, or weary of starting your game in Goodsprings, or if you're just sick of being the Courier altogether, the Roleplayer's Alternative Start mod will give you a fresh beginning. You'll begin at a randomized spot on the map with only a few belongings, selected for you based on your answers to a couple quick questions. Get out there and discover yourself.

9. Improved Companion Sandbox

Sometimes it's the little details that make the biggest differences. The Improved Companion Sandbox isn't for you, specifically, but for your companions. Instead of standing around woodenly while you attend to your business, they'll engage in some business of their own, such as sitting down in nearby chairs, leaning against walls, and performing custom idle animations. They'll chill out, in other words, making them feel more like people and less like mindless follow-bots.

10. Project Nevada

There are tons of gameplay changes in this massive mod, but you don't have to incorporate them all: Project Nevada is handily split into different sections so you can pick what you like and leave out the rest. The core of the mod focuses on adding FPS elements like bullet time, a grenade hotkey, and variable zooms for scoped weapons. Another portion allows you to surgically upgrade your body with cybernetic implants, boosting your vision, strength, speed, and durability. The third module features tons of rebalancing tweaks to make for more frenetic combat and a more challenging survival experience, and the fourth adds a ton of new weapons and gear, including popular items created by other modders.