Help test a game: Big Match Striker

Jaz McDougall at

big match striker thumb

Big Match Striker is a new online football game, and it's a really interesting idea. Think of it as Theme Hospital crossed with Football Manager, then crossed again with a pub trivia game - all hosted online. The guys who are making it at Supermassive need help testing it, and they've opened up their first beta to PC Gamer readers.

If you hop over to the site and sign up for the beta, they're about to start their first season. What's really cool is how they're generating their questions - they use live football updates to create trivia on the fly. So, every day, they'll have new questions based on what happened in the latest matches - and they're aiming to be just a couple of hours behind the results.

The game will, as is everything else these days, be free-to-play. It's got to be worth a punt? Anyway - here's their latest trailer. Go, sign up, have a play, and let us and them know what you think.