16 new World of Warcraft: Cataclysm screens

Tim Edwards



We've just got back from a trip to see the latest expansion pack at Blizzard's offices in Irvine, California, and we've got 16 brand new screenshots, and some colour commentary below.

Rocket boats!

Thousand Needles is flooded in Cataclysm but that's not going to stop the goblins putting on a race. Here they've got rocket boats that zip around the lake. Problem - they're under constant bombardment from pirates.


Here are some gnomes. Gnomes are quite exciting. Look at her shoulder pads. It's like the eighties all over again. More seriously, by the time Cataclysm has been launched, we should, with any luck, have retaken the Gnomish town of Gnomeregan. Gnome Gnome Gnome.

Stormwind Keep!

Stormwind Keep is a place you can walk into now. What isn't shown is the giant hole where the Park District used to be. Poor squirrels.... Ah, screw 'em. Filthy nut stealing vermin.

Glowing green stuff!

This is the Southern Barrens - which is now split into two seperate zones. The Northern End seems pretty similar to the previous incarnation. But it's the Southern praries that have had the most love. Not pictured: giant lava-filled crack in ground.

Old world flying!

In the Southern Barrens, a scar has been cut deep into the ground, and for some reason, the Alliance and Horde seem to think this is a significant landmark worth fighting over. I'm not convinced.

Orgrimmar's back door!

This is the back entrance to Orgrimmar, that leads into Azshara. The remodelled Orgrimmar is kind of bad-ass. It's metal heaven.

Pretty little flowers!

In the beta, you're teleported to Mount Hyjal, and immediately thrown into combat. Malfurion Stormrage is around here, somewhere, too.

Blue demons!

The Twilight Hammer cult have a heavy role to play in Deathwing's ascent. They also have demons with blue nipples.

Another screenshot of the same battleground!

There are two new battlegrounds coming to Cataclysm. Here's the first, the Battle for Gilneas. Think of it as an urban Arathi Basin - you've got to capture and hold flags dotted around the city.


This is part of the revamped Desolace. Most of the previous views of Desolace have centred around the new verdant foliage. But that's only appeared around the old elephant graveyard. The rest of it is still pretty... desolate. Nice hat though.

Sinister elves that watch over other sleeping elves!

Darkshore has undergone significant remodelling. Shame the elves haven't lost their daft floppy ears, though.

Demonic beards!

The Blasted Lands were Warcraft's most boring zone, saved only for the Dark Portal. Now it's got trees. A significant improvement.

Underwater goblins!
Angry fish people!

The Abyssal Maw is a zone set almost entirely underwater. Early on, you'll be given underwater-breathing, and can walk along the surface of the ocean.


Blackrock Spire makes a return in Cataclysm. Remember repeatedly falling off the chain bridge? Yeah. Great times.

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