Zuma's Revenge is free on Origin


Origin's regular 'On The House' promotion is back—and this time it's brought frogs. Zuma's Revenge, the worryingly compulsive marble-based Match-3 puzzler thing, can be yours to keep for free.

To grab it, just head over to Origin's On The House page and click download. It's a limited-time deal, so you should get it sooner rather than later. You will, of course, need an Origin account to do this.

Zuma's Revenge features a frog-thing that shoots marble-things at a string of other marble-things. It does not make much conceptual sense, but that seems par for the course for a Popcap game. You ultimate objective is to clear the string by matching up unbroken sections of same-coloured balls. And then you do it all again. And again. And...

Weirdly, this appears to be only the second time we've mentioned Zuma on this website. The first, back in 2010, was when Kim Richards admitted her Zuma addiction.

Phil Savage

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