You too can dress like a Minecraft character for the low, low price of $4,350

Loewe blue pixel hoodie.
(Image credit: Loewe)

Okay, look, fashion is subjective. I've bought some dubious pieces in my life that have made my friends raise an eyebrow, and I've done the same to some of their questionable purchases. But I honestly don't know how I'd react if a pal of mine turned up to a bar or my house in these bizarre pixel clothing items.

Spanish luxury brand Loewe has released a line of blocky clothing as part of its Pixel capsule collection. They first hit the runway at Paris Fashion Week last year, and as The Verge reports, the entire fit can now be yours for the low low price of $14,070. Ouch! If you fancy going for just the pixelated t-shirt and trousers, it's far less eye-watering at $4,350. Perfectly reasonable, I'd say.

They're not exactly an everyday fit, but I can't deny that I'm weirdly charmed by Loewe's Minecraftian collection. The white t-shirt and blue hoodie in particular are quite mind-boggling to look at, with constructed pixelated shoulders that almost don't look real in their product photography. The illusion is somewhat broken when you see the items from the side or a little too close, but they're still impressive constructions. The denim selection has a strange nostalgic old-school console texture to them, too. To stay truly on-brand to the pixel collection, purchases even come in a limited-edition blocky bag.

The collection definitely feels a little closer to art than day-to-day wear, but if their price tag wasn't so off-putting I'd almost be tempted to purchase a piece for my own wardrobe. It's at least a touch more creative than previous attempts from designer brands—I wonder who actually paid $1,000 for a white shirt with the Fortnite logo on it.

Mollie Taylor
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