You can wear a cat as a hat in Metal Gear Online


D-Dog gets all the love and praise (and it's deserved – he's the best video game dog of the year), but as any cat lover will tell you, cats are better than dogs. Our feline friends don't make very practical video game companions though, but Konami sees things differently: Metal Gear Online now has a fashionable cat hat. While it appears to offer no practical advantages, it's definitely a cat serving as a hat and for that reason, it's the best hat in video games.

There are a bunch of other new additions and tweaks in the most recent Metal Gear Online update. The PF rating screen has been revamped, there are new Grade 8 weapons, and there are new security devices for FOBs. The full update is over here, but all you really need is embedded below.





Shaun Prescott

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