You can play Overwatch’s first new map on the PTR right now

Last week at GamesCom, Blizzard revealed the first new map coming to Overwatch, called Eichenwalde. A huge German castle and the site of a massive battle during the Omnic Crisis, Eichenwalde is a hybrid map where attackers must first capture a payload and then escort it up the hill and into the castle itself. But don’t take my word for it, you can jump onto Overwatch’s PTR (Public Test Realm) right now and try the map for yourself. 

Eichenwalde is available for testing in Quick Play and Competitive mode, but for both those modes you’ll need to run into it by chance like you would any other map. To guarantee you’ll find the map, Blizzard has enabled a Weekly Brawl that will only take place on Eichenwalde with a limit of one of each hero per team for a pseudo-competitive environment. Otherwise, you can always start up a private custom game and explore the new map without the pressure of people shooting at you.

In addition to the map, there’s also a two sweet new Reinhardt skins available on the PTR based on the suit of armor sitting on Eichenwalde’s final point, along with all the emotes and ranked changes that were added last week. To install the PTR, load Battle.Net, go to Overwatch, and select “PTR: Overwatch” from the region dropdown menu above the ‘Play’ button. Download the client and Eichenwalde is yours!

Tom Marks
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