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You can play as Grey Hulk in Marvel's Avengers

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Square Enix have begun showing off the alternate costumes that will be available in Marvel's Avengers, and while Captain America's is a boring take on his Secret Empire outfit, the Hulk's is much cooler. It's Joe Fixit, aka the Grey Hulk.

Back when the Hulk comics started he was intended to be grey, but cheap 1962 printing meant that sometimes the ink would show other colors, including green. To avoid the problem they made the character green from that moment on, but later would bring back the Grey Hulk as a separate personality. 

While the green, 'Savage Hulk' is unthinking and driven by pure rage, the Grey Hulk is more devious and manipulative, though still having super strength. He took to calling himself Joe Fixit and got a job as a Mob enforcer in Las Vegas while dressing like a 1920s gangster for a while, because when you keep a comic book running for decades that's just the kind of thing that happens.

The unlockable costumes in Marvel's Avengers don't provide different combat moves, and while some are unlocked by progress others have to be bought in the store. Makes me miss Marvel Heroes, where every character had a bunch of different outfit options to unlock.

Jody Macgregor
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