You can now hug the angry psychic squid from Into the Breach

(Image credit: Fangamer)

One of the reasons I like Fangamer is that it happens to make merch for so many various PC Gamer GOTY award winners: Slay the Spire, Darkest Dungeon, Spelunky, and Papers, Please.

Among that group is Into the Breach, our favorite game of 2018. You don't expect new products to appear two years after a game releases, but today Fangamer spawned this Psion Plush, a seven-inch, squishy replica of the annoying Vek that appears in various forms throughout the campaign to buff its alien allies. This grey-purple variant is the Shell Psion, which reduces incoming damage against all other Vek, something to be aware of if your household is occupied by subterranean invaders.

This post is mainly an excuse to publish the image above, a rare confluence of angry and cute. Other Into the Breach stuff is currently 20% off on Fangamer.

(Image credit: Fangamer)

(Image credit: Fangamer)
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