XCOM trailer shows mission map, customisable squad mates and mad science

[bcvideo id="1177210146001"]

There were rumblings of discontent when 2K revealed their FPS reboot of X-Com. Questions were asked. Where are the turns? Where's the world map? Where's the ability to customise your squad and research new weaponry? "Right here!" says the latest trailer, detailing the map of the US where you can select your next mission, the RPG system that lets you customise your team mates and the research facility where mad-haired scientists are hard at work electrocuting themselves in the name of science, devising new human/alien hybrid technology for your squad. That's all very nice, but WHERE ARE THE TURNS?

The hub bits back at base where you can shoot the breeze with team mates look like a nice change of pace from the slightly stiff cover-to-cover shooty sections. This is probably the most encouraging bit of footage we've seen of XCOM yet. Check out the full E3 XCOM video walkthrough for 22 more minutes of XCOM in action.

Tom Senior

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