Good news, European Earthlings! XCOM: Enemy Unknown is finally out!

Just in case you've been sealed in a laboratory within a secret subterranean military complex for the last week or so, we bring you the shock news that XCOM: Enemy Unknown has been released! And now, finally, in Europe, too! And that it's also really quite excellent - as you will discover by reading our XCOM: Enemy Unknown review .

And after you're done reading the review, why not bone up on the alien threat with our massive XCOM: Enemy Unknown guide ? Or, if you've already mastered the elementary aspects of Earth defence, you might take a look at our XCOM Ironman video guide , for the best survival strategy in the game's hardcore mode. (Good luck with that.)

Have a look inside for our screenshot gallery - though, spoiler-averse players be warned, it may dispel a few of those titular unknowns.