XCOM 2 video tours your mobile HQ

Xcom 2 Gamescom Screenshot Armory

In this new 12-minute video for XCOM 2, you're introduced to your mobile HQ—the Avenger—and what it lets you do in the game. The narrator talks to you in character, giving you some idea of the state of affairs in this sequel.

You get to meet your Chief Science Officer, Richard Tygan, who talks about a "procedure" that you, the Commander, apparently just went through. Chief engineer Lily Shen, accompanied by a curious drone, talks about what happened to her father.

Throughout, you get a feel for the base as a whole and how you'll manage operations, assign staff, focus research, etc. You visit the proving grounds, the armoury, and the Geoscape.

Basically, you get a simple overview of how you'll actually play XCOM 2 when it comes out in November. We should find out even more at Firaxicon in October.