Recommended XCOM 2 hybrid builds


Grenadier Gunner

Abilities: Launch Grenade, Shredder, Suppression, Holo Targeting, Volatile Mix, Salvo, Rupture

With eight builds to fit in six slots, you can’t bring everything on every mission. There’s some key things to consider if you can only bring one Grenadier or Specialist. For the Grenadier, Holo Targeting and Rupture are key abilities too big to miss out on - giving your entire squad +15 aim and +3 damage respectively are huge buffs that shouldn’t be ignored. Shredder, Volatile Mix and Salvo ensure your Grenadier can weaken armored enemies while also providing heavy explosive power.


Hacker Medic

Abilities: Aid Protocol, Medical Protocol, Haywire Protocol, Field Medic, Threat Assessment, Guardian, Capacitor Discharge

For the Specialist, Medical Protocol and Field Medic provide the sustainability you need for lategame firefights, while Haywire Protocol ensures you won’t be caught flat-footed against tough robotic opponents like Heavy MECs, Andromedon Shells, and Sectopods. When all else fails, try out your own builds and squad loadouts—creativity and experimentation will yield you powerful strategies all your own. Good luck!

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