Xbox has gone too far with this tartan controller

Tartan controller
(Image credit: Xbox)

Dear God. My eyes, they burn. 

There are many ugly controllers out there, and I'd argue that it's nearly impossibly to make an Xbox controller actually look beautiful, but that does not justify the crime against good taste that's been committed today. 

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I'm normally a fan of green tartans. After all, there's plenty of green in my clan tartan. This, though, isn't a favourite. And look, I'm not going to get protective about tartan, of all things. Nor do I really care if a big American company wants to appropriate it for a dumb Twitter competition. But this is just an eyesore. And, since it looks like might be actual fabric, maybe even wool, it's definitely not going to play nice with the inevitably sweaty hands grasping it.

I do, at least, appreciate the extra level of authenticity earned by having an Edinburgh kiltmaker design it—the same one that designed the tartans for our national football team. It's also apparently been entered into the Scottish Register of Tartans (cheers, Edinburgh Evening News), making the embarrassment nice and official.

Should you end up getting your hands on this monstrosity, please spare a thought for Scotland as you manhandle the tartan, as we're so much more than kilts. We also have a lot of heart disease and knife crime.

Fraser Brown
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