Xbox Halo Infinite players want to opt-out of crossplay to avoid cheaters on PC

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With depressing predictability, a free-to-play competitive game comes out and complaints of rampant cheating roll in. In the case of Halo Infinite, which opened its multiplayer beta on November 15, some of those complaints come from players on console asking for the option to disable crossplay to avoid the larger number of cheaters on PC. "Let me turn off cross-play until you guys can get an actual anti-cheat implemented" writes @jcb_response, posting two videos of a player using a wallhack and an aimbot.

Similar recordings have been posted to Reddit along with similar demands for the option to opt out of crossplay, and here's one of a player who, when asked if he was cheating "said he had a controller mod"

While it's possible to choose whether you get matched with players using controllers or mouse and keyboard while playing solo or as a duo in Halo Infinite's ranked arena mode, there's no such option in quickplay or the current Fracture: Tenrai event. And of course there's nothing stopping a player on PC from using cheats with a controller plugged-in.

While it's possible to install cheats on a console, it's significantly harder than it is on PC, where hacks like these proliferate. The Anti-Cheat Police Department Twitter account went looking for Halo Infinite cheat-sellers, and found "about 12" already offering them. "For just $8, you can ruin everyone's day." Once again, on behalf of PC gaming, sorry about all those cheaters in your console games.

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