Your Xbox could become a living room PC thanks to the console's new browser

Death Stranding
(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

Xbox consoles are getting a new version of Microsoft's Edge browser, and early testers have discovered that it'll let you stream PC games to the telly-box via Nvidia's GeForce Now.

As reported by VGC, the updated Edge includes improved support for web apps like Discord or Skype. The outlet previously noted that this brought Google Stadia support to Xbox via the browser. Now, it turns out GeForce Now works perfectly well within the browser, blowing open the console's potential as a living room streaming box.

GeForce Now has hit a few snags since leaving open beta, with several high-profile publishers notably pulling their games from the service. But ideally, it'll let you stream any game you own from your Steam and Epic libraries, turning even a humble Chromebook into a beastly gaming rig.

Given that the Xbox browser doesn't currently support mouse input, any game you want to play will need gamepad support. But it's a curious way to potentially stream games to a Series S or X at higher visual fidelity than the console could otherwise support—and in the case of Death Stranding, which is playable on PC but not Xbox, even circumvent console exclusivity deals.

It's unclear where Microsoft stands on this functionality right now, and how long it'll remain enabled. While certainly neat, the ability to play games on Xbox that shouldn't be on Xbox could hit all sorts of licensing barriers. Even if it remains active, it's easy to see more publishers pulling their games from GeForce Now.

My money's on Microsoft finding some way to phase out competing streaming services on the browser, in favour of pushing its own xCloud. The Xbox-branded service teased its own web client last month, with plans to begin a public preview by the end of spring.

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