Blizzard removing World of Warcraft references to 'sacks' and 'ho's'

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A pair of World of Warcraft achievements are next on the chopping block as Blizzard developers work to remove inappropriate in-game content following California's lawsuit alleging widespread employee harassment and discrimination.

As noted on the Icy Veins forum, an achievement titled "My Sack is Gigantique" will be retitled "My Storage is Gigantique." Players earned the achievement by equipping a "Gigantique" bag from an NPC named Haris Pilton, a play on celebrity Paris Hilton. "Pilton" would ask the player "is your sack Gigantique" in the World's End Tavern in Shattrath City, a major city introduced in the Burning Crusade expansion.

Another achievement titled "Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's" will be retitled "Holiday Bromance." Players earned that one for using mistletoe on eight Alliance NPCs with "Brother" in their names.

The changes will come as part of World of Warcraft's 9.1.5 update, which is already on the PTR but will properly release in sometime this fall. The changes are definitely small potatoes compared to changes previously promised by Blizzard, but they could be the first in a line of changes to smaller bits of game content. World of Warcraft originally launched in 2004, a markedly different time for pop culture and social norms compared to 2021, so it's not a huge surprise that some in-game jokes haven't aged gracefully.

Two weeks ago a Blizzard spokesperson confirmed to PC Gamer that references to former WoW lead level designer Jesse McCree, former WoW lead designer and Diablo 4 director Luis Barriga, and former WoW senior designer Jonathan LeCraft would be removed from Blizzard games. All three men were fired from Blizzard less than a month ago following allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination. Former Blizzard president J. Allen Brack was also removed from Blizzard after being named in California's lawsuit.

You can read our timeline of the Activision Blizzard lawsuit, which covers everything from the initial filing of a lawsuit by California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing, alleging a widespread company culture of harassment and discrimination against women, all the way to current developments.

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