World of Warcraft's Winter Veil event starts today, features festive hats and captured reindeer

When the looming grasp of Christmas becomes too much to bear, you can simply retreat to the comforting shelter of one of gaming's many alternative holidays. If World of Warcraft is your preferred medium of goodwill escapism, that event is Winter Veil, and it begins today. Through it you can beat up bosses for festive hats, take part in a variety of themed activities, or again rescue the again kidnapped Metzen the Reindeer. Come on Blizzard, you really need to keep a tighter rein on that guy.

The bosses of Northrend are now sporting a variety of fetching festive hats. Defeat them, and you'll get to take their new happy headwear... you monster. Head over to Blizzard's Winter Veil announcement post for a full list of jollified bosses. There you can also find a list of available activities, including cookie-collecting for Grandfather Winter, the appearance of Winter Wondervolt machines, and a selection of seasonal items and actions.

Seasonal quests are also re-activated over the course of the event, giving you another chance to investigate the disappearance of Smokywood Pasture's latest shipment, or track down the missing Metzen the Reindeer.

Winter Veil will run from today until January 2nd.

Phil Savage

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