World of Warcraft's Recruit-A-Friend programme is being replaced

World of Warcraft's longstanding Recruit-A-Friend programme is shutting down soon, though Blizzard will be replacing it with a newer model. The relentless march of time affects us all. You'll still be able to ruin your friends' social lives by getting them hooked on WoW until June 11. 

The programme lets you invite a pal to make a World of Warcraft account, netting you both co-op benefits, as well as additional rewards like mounts and extra game time if they stay subscribed. It's been around forever, turning countless denizens of Azeroth into well-meaning pushers. 

Take a gander at the Recruit-A-Friend page to see how it works. You've still got a month to use to it. 

After June 11, you'll no longer be able to send out invites, but your friend will still have 90 days to purchase game time, getting you both your rewards. A new programme will be put in place at a later date. Blizzard's not revealing anything about the replacement, but more details will be spilled in the future. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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