World of Warcraft to add yet another way to prove your skills

You could argue that pretty much everything about every existing MMO ever is about the ability to prove oneself, but just in case there were people who didn't get the message, World of Warcraft 's adding a new feature, "The Proving Grounds," to the upcoming patch 5.4. It's a chance to test the extent of your skills in a "safe, controlled environment." So in other words, like doing endgame PvE or PvE, but with the thrills taken out.

It's explained in full over on the WoW blog ; the Temple of the White Tiger will house an NPC who grant you entrance to the repeatable solo scenario The Proving Grounds, whereupon your gear will be scaled down to a set point in preparation to undergo a series of fairly typical dungeon challenges

There comes a time in any healer, tank, or damage dealer's life when they decide to take their collaborative skills and abilities to the next level. When that time comes, the Proving Grounds will be waiting. Set within the Temple of the White Tiger, this new feature will provide a repeatable solo Scenario where level 90 players can test their mettle or try out different roles in a safe, controlled environment. Tanks will hold back enemy waves, DPS classes will whale on stuff, and healers will, well, do their thing. Depending on your role, NPCs might tag along (a healer ain't nothing without somebody to heal, after all).

Difficulty levels encompass Brone, Silver, Gold, and Endless modes, with the final thing being an unending current of challenges to overcome. I'm not going to be the jerk that wonders if this new "feature" is analogous to MMORPG gaming in general, but WoW's usually a little better than the others at disguising the rote mechanics of MMOs, you know? In any case, if digital fame and glory is your thing, The Proving Grounds will stomp in alongside the other changes (such as a possible in-game shop ) in patch 5.4.