World of Warcraft to add new PvP skirmish mode

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A new PvP mode, called War Games, will soon be added to World of Warcraft, letting players challenge friends and enemies to duels in World of Warcraft's Arenas and Battlegrounds. The new system is aimed at getting players into player versus player scraps more easily, and will let players fight with members of their own guild.

War Games are unranked matches, and players can't gain any honour, achievements or guild experiences from the fights, but the new system should be a great way for players to get into a game quickly for practice or just for fun. One of the best parts of the new system is that it will also let you challenge fellow guild mates to a battle, so you'll be able to fight your friends as well as strangers.

Matches can take place in any Arena or Battleground. The limit on player numbers in each battle is set by the arena that's chosen. The update is set to arrive with Arena Season 9, which is set to kick off later today. Head over to the World of Warcraft site for more information on the update, and details on how you'll be able to initiate War Games once they've been added.

Tom Senior

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