World of Warcraft NYE celebrations begin

If you're not out on the town and can't stomach watching Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve (now with 100% less Dick Clark), have yourself an old-fashioned orcish New Year's Eve in Azeroth. Every hour on the hour today, World of Warcraft will feature oooh-ahhh fireworks displays over its cities. You'll even be encouraged to quaff down exotic festive libations and /dance the night away with the Horde or Alliance toon of your choice.

For the more adventurous, Blizzard has a tip: " For those looking to avoid trouble -- or get into it -- you may want to steer clear of -- or head toward -- Booty Bay as the guards there appear to be spending more time enjoying themselves than enforcing town rules (at least into the morning hours)."

As always, we at PC Gamer encourage you to party responsibly while in Azeroth. If you become too inebriated to fly yourself, please summon a mount. Your safety is our utmost concern.