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World of Warcraft is bringing back Thrall

World of Warcraft's Horde has a bit of a management problem. Sylvanas, the Banshee Queen and current Warchief, has been a bit out of sorts, committing atrocities and generally worrying everyone. Now, both players and characters are clamouring for new leadership. And they might just get what they want, because Thrall's coming back. Check out the new cinematic above. 

Sylvanas doesn't seem like a lady who's going to go down without a brutal fight, so we might be in for some internal strife within the Horde, with everyone picking sides. That doesn't leave much room for the war against the Alliance, though, but I've got a feeling that Thrall's going to make a deal with the other side. 

I'd love to see Thrall become Warchief again, but we've already been there before. Maybe it's time for some new blood. Vote for Saurfang! He's definitely earned it.  

The next update is shaping up to be absolutely massive and, as well as bringing back Thrall, it will introduce two new zones, Heroic Warfronts and an overhauled Heart of Azeroth system. For more details, take a look at my Rise of Azshara preview

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