World of Warcraft inspired healthy snacks available now


World of Warcraft has inspired many people to do many things. The latest creation? Health bars.

Cooked up by a new company called Gamer Food, the bars (which come in flavours such as Mana and Health) are supposed to give gamers a boost between matches and raids. They're completely natural and hand made, and feature organic clover honey, rice cereal and more.

For those less fond of Blizzard's MMO, there are bars based on it's space-faring cousin StarCraft. Protoss Delight and Zerg Push are all well and good but we can't help but notice that there's no Terran-inspired munch available. Everyone knows that Terran are OP anyway, so it's not a big deal. OUCH. Rich just punched me in the face.

The bars are $9.99 for a pack of three, or a twelve bar pack for $32.99. If you're salivating just at the thought of such cullinary delights, jump over to Gamer Food's website and put in your order. What would you call a Starcraft/Warcraft-inspired bar? Owen has gone with "Chrono Boost" whereas Rich likes "Creep Tumour".

[via Big Download ]