World of Warcraft finally adds thicc humans and trolls who stand up straight

Today is a good day in World of Warcraft because patch 8.1.5 is finally out, adding—among many things—two new Allied Races: The portly Kul Tiran humans and the good-postured Zandalari trolls. First revealed when Battle for Azeroth was announced over a year ago, it's been a long wait to play the two races that are at the core of the conflict driving Battle for Azeroth. Like all Allied Races, those who start new characters as a Kul Tiran or Zandalari and then level all the way to 110 will also earn a cool suit of armor that evokes the culture of that race.

Patch 8.1.5, which is already live, is a minor content update that bridges the gap between the major patches that drive the expansion—but that's not to say that it's got nothing to add. In addition to the two allied races, 8.1.5 also adds several new quests to both the ongoing War Campaign main story, the Heart of Azeroth quests with Magni Bronzebeard, and a bunch of other fun things like a murder mystery involving the Brawler's Guild leader.

This comes in addition to a bunch of usual fixes to class balance, PVP, and a cool update to crafting professions that let them earn special Tools of the Trade that have a bunch of different uses depending on your chosen profession.

On April 16, the new mini-raid Crucible of Storms will also open. This raid only has two bosses, but will be a nice stopgap between the current raid tier and the upcoming Azshara's Eternal Palace raid coming in patch 8.2 (which people expect should be out some time this summer).

You can read all the details of update 8.1.5 over on Wowhead.

Here's a look at the Zandalari trolls.

Steven Messner

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